WWE commentator Corey Graves reacts to unique fan criticism

Corey Graves current calls the action on WWE Monday Night RAW
Corey Graves currently calls the action on WWE Monday Night RAW

WWE star commentator Corey Graves had a unique reaction to a fan giving him criticism online.

Graves has been at the commentary table since 2014 after retiring from in-ring action due to injuries. He was a former NXT Tag Team Champion alongside Neville (now PAC in AEW) and had several marquee feuds in the developmental brand prior to his retirement.

His move to the desk has been a successful one, as he has called the action on RAW, SmackDown, NXT, and multiple premium live events over the years.

Despite his success, Graves is still subject to online criticism, just like any other WWE Superstar. One fan tweeted out that he really disliked him but added that he also felt bad about disliking him.

Graves responded to the tweet and stated that it was the kindest insult he'd ever received.

"This is perhaps the most polite insult I’ve ever received. I respect your opinion. Good day, sir."

Check out the tweet below:

This is perhaps the most polite insult I’ve ever received. I respect your opinion. Good day, sir.…

Corey Graves recently hinted that he would be down for an in-ring return

Corey Graves has not wrestled a match in roughly nine years, but that doesn't mean he's not interested in lacing up the boots once again. Rumors have circulated that he was trying to make a return to the ring after taking appropriate medical advice.

Corey Graves also has a built-in feud with one of WWE's newest commentators, Pat McAfee. The former NFL Punter showed off his athletic ability in NXT against Adam Cole, then wrestled Austin Theory at WrestleMania 38. When a fan asked Graves if he was interested in facing McAfee, he said, "I'm down."

Whether he returns to the ring or not, Graves has continued to be one of WWE's most expressive and boisterous talents. However, fans will certainly enjoy another run in the ring from Graves.

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