WWE gave Victoria 30 days to learn how to wrestle before signing her


Former Women's Champion Victoria recently revealed that WWE gave her a month to learn how to wrestle before signing her. Victoria impressed WWE officials with a video she submitted, and she got a call two days later informing her about the role and when to attend a meeting.

Victoria began training at Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW), and she made a few televised appearances as an extra in 2000. After signing with the company, Victoria played a heel for the majority of her tenure and won the WWE Women's Championship twice.

During a recent interaction with Chris Van Vliet, Victoria talked about her path to WWE and the feedback she got from a video package that she sent to the company. (H/T

"I sent my stuff in. I paid $600 for this VHS to be made. I started it with boom – Lisa Marie Varon. It had music and all that kind of stuff, and it showed all my competitions and me demonstrating exercises and stuff like that. I got a call back from Jim Ross and Kevin Kelly. They said, ‘We’ve never seen a video so professionally done and a package sent like this.’ Living in LA, you know someone that has the tools, someone knows editing," said Victoria.
"They said, ‘We want to meet you in 30 days.’ I said, ‘What do you see me doing? I’m obviously not a Torrie Wilson or a Trish Stratus. I’m a bigger girl.” They said, ‘We see you wrestling.’ So I googled a pro wrestling school, and UPW came up. So, I called them and said WWF is wanting to meet me and I need to learn how to wrestle in 30 days, which I didn’t know. I thought it was a routine – 5-6-7-8, OK, you go here to the corner. I didn’t think in a million years that I would be doing that for 20 years.”

Despite the limited time she was given to learn the ropes, The Vicious Vixen managed to have a successful career in WWE, where she collided with other top female Superstars such as Trish Stratus and Mickie James.

Victoria's wrestling career post-WWE

Victoria, after winning the TNA Knockout's Championship
Victoria, after winning the TNA Knockout's Championship

After wrestling in WWE for a decade, Victoria last competed in the company in a battle royal at WrestleMania XXV in 2009. She went on to sign with TNA/IMPACT Wrestling where she became five-time Knockout's Champion.

Victoria, however, revealed in an interview that TNA wasn't a good fit for her and it made her appreciate WWE a lot. In another interview, she expressed interest in working with All Elite Wrestling in a backstage role. Victoria wrestled in various promotions before hanging up her boots in 2019.

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