WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long recalls almost going to jail after an incident (Exclusive)

Teddy Long had some interesting things to say this week
Teddy Long had some interesting things to say this week

Teddy Long is one of the most recognizable names in WWE history, owing to the years he spent in the company. In his vast number of experiences, he apparently almost went to jail after a particular incident in WWE.

Over the last few weeks, there has been some buzz about a few fans screaming out innapropriate words at female wrestlers during matches. This has led to much discussion in the pro wrestling community, and Teddy Long has also shared his thoughts on the matter.

Speaking on Sportskeeda's The Wrestling Time Machine hosted by Mac Davis, Teddy Long recalled dealing with obnoxious WWE fans in his own way and how it once resulted in more than just a verbal spat.

"Well there's the n-word, that was outrageous. That's all they knew. So, I had that too. You know I went to jail one time in Richmond Virginia... When I was refreeing, some guy jumped out and hit me in the back. Yeah, so I had to turn around and grab him. So then, I didn't go to jail, they talked to the police. We squashed it but I did have to go back to court in Richmond Virginia to settle that." [4:53 onwards]

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The WWE Hall of Famer thinks stars should not make much of hateful fans

According to Teddy Long, the stars should only be concerned with how they handle themselves instead of dealing with a few bad apples among fans.

On the same episode of The Wrestling Time Machine, the WWE Hall of Famer shared a piece of advice for modern pro wrestlers who were facing this issue.

"I can't speak on that. I can't tell a fan what he can, what they can say and what they cannot say. What needs to happen here is that fan outta take it. That fan has the right whatever they want to say to anybody, as long as they, you know, don't put their hands on nobody. I don't understand these guys that are letting these people upset them, when you already know what they are saying. You know if you are a heel, you walk out to that ring, somebody is gonna start giving you sh*t. You already know that... So you need to just settle down, learn how to work, and quit worrying about the fans." [3:31 onwards]

As of now, it remains to be seen if these issues will be tackled in some other way by the wrestling promotions themselves.

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