WWE has huge botch with Dominik Mysterio and Liv Morgan on RAW

The two stars ended up in quite a predicament
The two stars ended up in quite a predicament

Dominik Mysterio and Liv Morgan made all the headlines this week on WWE RAW with the show's ending. With the latter retaining her title, there appears to be a huge botch that has left many fans grumbling on social media.

To end WWE RAW this week, Dominik inadvertently helped Liv Morgan retain her Women's World Championship while initially looking like he was out there to help Becky Lynch. However, a shoulder push by Braun Strowman meant that he was catapulted into the steel door, which hit Lynch on the head. This left the door open for Liv Morgan, who took advantage and escaped, retaining her title in the steel cage match.

This was the second time Mysterio's "help" cost Lynch the title, with Morgan getting helped instead. Morgan and he stared each other down, and then the champion grabbed his face and kissed him right there on the ramp.


The moment was long, with Mysterio pushing her away only after a while. He looked disturbed and has since reacted, appearing to acknowledge that he is in trouble after the show.

However, there was a bigger botch during the show. RAW was almost over when Liv Morgan ran out of the cage still as the champion, and on USA Network and several other broadcasts, the feed cut off there. Thus, the final segment with Liv Morgan and Dominik Mysterio and their exchange never aired for several fans. They only learned about it online from other fans whose broadcast had shown the whole thing.

Dominik Mysterio has to await the fallout from his interaction with Liv Morgan

Given how RAW ended, Dominik Mysterio will likely face the consequences. The rest of the Judgment Day won't be happy with how he has apparently turned his back on Rhea Ripley.

On top of that, he has helped Liv Morgan, inadvertently or not, remain the Women's World Champion, the title Rhea Ripley had held for so long.

With that being the case, Rhea Ripley is yet to make a statement about Dominik's actions.

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