"I blame the wrestlers" - WWE legend Bully Ray on the "biggest problem in pro wrestling" today

Bully Ray feels there's one big problem in pro wrestling
Bully Ray feels there's one big problem in pro wrestling
Nishant Jayaram

WWE legend Bully Ray feels pro wrestlers concentrate far too much on their athleticism, which is a big problem across all promotions.

One-half of The Dudley Boyz, Bully Ray is considered a tag team legend and a hardcore specialist. He and D-Von are 10-time tag team champions in WWE, while Bully is a 10-time Hardcore Champion. The duo was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2018.

While reviewing this week's WWE RAW on Busted Open, the legend discussed a major issue in pro wrestling today. He feels that fans don't care much about a pro wrestler's character, but they instead focus on athleticism and physicality.

"The biggest problem in pro wrestling across the board right now is fans don't care enough about the wrestlers. The characters, the human beings - they care too much about the athleticism and the physicality. So if you care more about a move than you do the person, you're never going to have the same results that you had back in the day," Bully Ray said.

However, the Hall of Famer didn't blame fans for the problem. He claimed that it's the fault of the wrestlers, who concentrate more on their moves rather than their character.

"My biggest problem with pro wrestling today is fans not caring about the individuals - and I'm not blaming the fans on this. I blame the wrestlers. I blame the wrestlers for putting entirely too much emphasis on the movesets and not themselves." [From 23:00 to 24:20]
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Bully Ray feels that today's pro wrestlers should not shy away from borrowing ideas from successful times in pro wrestling, like the Attitude Era.

John Cena discusses how to become successful in WWE and pro wrestling

While discussing the secret to be successful in the industry, modern-era legend John Cena also emphasized upon the importance of a good character.

The 16-time world champion recently reviewed his WWE main roster debut, where he pointed out certain flaws in his promo and match. Cena feels that a pro wrestler has to "stand out" and needs to have a personality "where somebody can attach to" to be successful in the business.

Be realistic with yourself whenever you’re reflecting on the past. We can often make moments different in our mind than they actually were. Look for the takeaways. Look for the lessons. Look for the growth thru an honest lens. Never give up.…

Considering both Cena and Dudley's advice, it is safe to assume that a superstar's character and personality are as important as athleticism. With a budding developmental roster, it remains to be seen who will become WWE's next breakout star.

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