WWE legend heavily criticizes Bray Wyatt and the Firefly Funhouse segment on SmackDown

Bray Wyatt and LA Knight on WWE SmackDown
Bray Wyatt and LA Knight on WWE SmackDown

Legendary pro wrestling manager Jim Cornette isn't a fan of former Universal Champion Bray Wyatt or the Firefly Funhouse segments in WWE.

On SmackDown last week, the Funhouse made its return and featured all the puppets: Abby The Witch, Ramblin Rabbit, Mercy The Buzzard, and Huskus The Pig. This was after LA Knight's match against a local competitor. The two stars are currently set to collide in a Pitch Black match at the Royal Rumble.

Speaking on the latest edition of the Jim Cornette Experience, the 61-year-old WWE veteran blasted Bray Wyatt for the Firefly Funhouse segment.

"It's official, ladies and gentlemen, Bray Wyatt sucks. He's the sh*ts. He's a great promo talent that he does nothing with, this whole deal is f*****g rotten, it makes no sense, it's phony, it buries anybody that's involved with it. How do you book anybody after this guy gets finished with them? And we were blaming Vince. [3:06 - 3:31]

Jim Cornette also commented on Bray Wyatt's character

The Firefly Funhouse made its debut on April 22, 2019, but was canceled after Wyatt was released by the company. It made its return last week on SmackDown, which means The Fiend could also return soon.

During the same podcast, Jim Cornette stated that The Eater of Worlds could've been a good wrestler if he hadn't portrayed the supernatural character.

"Well, they've been doing this and Vince has been gone and now that Vince is back I don't think suddenly his first order of business was get that Firefly Funhouse back on television. This is what Bray Wyatt wants to do. He doesn't want to use his obvious vocal talent to be a believable kick-a*s wrestler in the mode of his family tree." [3:31 - 4:05]
"Now that I think about it, you should be scared of the dark." πŸ˜‰An unexpected return of Firefly Fun House... and it's just as unsettling as we remember it being. #BrayWyatt @RealLAKnight #SmackDown

Bray will make his WWE in-ring return at the Royal Rumble this Saturday night at the Royal Rumble. He returned to the company last year at Extreme Rules. Following his return, he has been haunted by a mysterious character called Uncle Howdy, who even attacked Wyatt on an episode of SmackDown.

The former Universal Champion was also recently aided by The Undertaker on the RAW XXX episode. The two men also had a passing of the torch moment.

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