WWE legend reveals details of wrestling Brock Lesnar in an amateur match

Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar

Kurt Angle recently gave details about how he wrestled an amateur match with Brock Lesnar in the ring before a WWE show. A number of WWE stars and other personnel were also present. The incident took place shortly after Lesnar made his television debut for WWE.

Speaking on The Hannibal TV, Kurt Angle revealed how the idea of an amateur match against a young Brock Lesnar came up. Somebody had asked Brock if he could beat Angle and he had said yes. When this got back to Angle, the Olympic gold medalist went up to Lesnar and suggested they wrestle, although Lesnar initially declined:

"Brock and I are good friends. We weren't friends at the time but when he first came into WWE, somebody approached him and said, "Hey, Brock. How do you think you'd fare against Kurt Angle?" and he said, "I'm too big for him. I'm a lot bigger than him. He's too small. I'd kick his a**." The person that Brock told that to came to me and told me what Brock said. I went to Brock and said, "Let's settle it in the ring, let's do it right now" and he said, "I can't. I have sandals on." I took my shoes off and said, "Let's do it in bare feet." He said, "I'm not going to do it in bare feet."


Kurt Angle on finally having his amateur wrestling match with Brock Lesnar

Kurt Angle went on to reveal that he did end up wrestling Brock Lesnar in an amateur match about a week or so later. Angle said that he spotted Lesnar in the ring talking to Big Show and snuck up behind him, before challenging him to a match. Angle also revealed that their match lasted about 10 minutes and he won with a solitary takedown:

"A week later, I saw him in the ring talking to Big Show and walked up the steps to get in the ring. Big Show was facing me I said, "Get out of the ring." Big Show got out of the ring and I walked up to Brock and I tapped him on his shoulder and I said, "Let's go." It was crazy. I caught him off guard but the match was really tight, I'm not gonna lie to you. There was only one takedown. We wrestled for about 10 minutes. There was a couple of times I almost took him down that he fell into the ropes. I did take him down and that was it."

During the same interview, Kurt Angle also discussed his incident with Daniel Puder. You can check that out HERE.

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