WWE legend The Rock jokingly accuses Hollywood star of being a "close talker"

The Great One is hassling his co-stars online
The Great One is hassling his co-stars online

Former WWE Champion and Hollywood megastar The Rock has taken to Twitter to jokingly call out fellow actor Kevin Hart.

The duo has starred opposite one another several times. They notably appeared in Central Intelligence alongside Aaron Paul. They were also featured as part of the voice cast on the recent animated League of Super Pets. Though the two seem to have a good working relationship, they also enjoy some healthy banter.

This was evident earlier today when Kevin Hart took to Twitter to give his opinion on 'close talkers,' meaning someone who gets too close when they talk to others.

Hart admitted that he was also a 'close talker' but conceded that they indeed annoying people. Rocky responded to his Super Pets co-star, roasting him with a good-natured but foul-mouthed Tweet.

"I feel this way anytime you say anything to me. Even on FaceTime you’re too f**king close," The Rock said to Hart.

You can check out the uncensored tweet here.

I met another close talker today….I swear close talkers are the worst people on this earth. Back the fuck up….I can hear you….Jesus Christ….Why must you get so close. I had to politely say “Sir that’s to close” …. SMDH It’s to Damn much!!!!

In his response, Rocky joked that Kevin even got too close, even when the two are talking on FaceTime. Hart has not responded, but the tweets are clearly tongue-in-cheek.

The Rock recently gave his thoughts on a former WWE Champion

The Great One recently took to social media to share his thoughts on former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar.

It has been two decades since the pair's iconic main event clash at SummerSlam 2002, so The People's Champ took to Instagram to praise the efforts of everyone involved.

In the post, Rocky claims the match changed pro wrestling, and that he had great chemistry with Brock.

"I always had great chemistry with Brock as he was one of the greatest pure athletes I’ve ever danced with," he said.

The main event match-up for the WWE Championship was eventually won by Brock. Rocky would then leave the company for around a year, and the two would never have a rematch.

What did you think about The Rock's tweet? What do you think of his Brock Lesnar comments? Share your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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