WWE locker room reaction to Big E winning the Money in the Bank contract 

How WWE locker room reacted to Big E winning the Money in the Bank contract
How WWE locker room reacted to Big E winning the Money in the Bank contract

Big E has revealed that the overall reaction to his victory at Money in the Bank from his peers was very overwhelming.

The SmackDown star is the latest to win the men's Money in the Bank contract, which guarantees him an opportunity at a world championship of his choosing until the next year. He described his big win as one of the biggest nights of his career so far.

During a recent interview with GiveMeSport, Big E opened up on how the WWE locker room reacted after he won the Money in the Bank ladder match, revealing that his close friends and former partners Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston left him a touching message on a white board in the dressing room.

"Yeah man, it’s almost overwhelming," said Big E." "Everyone was so nice, and of course Kofi [Kingston] and [Xavier] Woods were the first in gorilla. With what Kofi had that day and what he’d been through, for some reason, I didn’t expect them to be, you know they had other stuff to do. I didn’t necessarily expect them to be there, but those guys are always so thoughtful."
"There’s whiteboard we had in male talent, it’s a newer building there are a few different dressing rooms, and we found a smaller one which was kind of for us to kind of catch up again, but we were all so busy," he added." "There’s actually a whiteboard and they left a very lovely message for me. Those guys are always so supportive. I was almost going to post it, but it did have some cuss words, so I was like ‘ahh let’s just keep this between you and I’, we’re PG and whatnot."

Big E also said that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon had a positive reaction towards his triumph at Money in the Bank.

Big E on the WWE Universe's reaction to him becoming Mr. Money in the Bank

Big E as Mr. Money in the Bank
Big E as Mr. Money in the Bank

Big E winning the Money in the Bank contract was met with a lot of positive reactions from fans. Many members of the WWE Universe took to social media to congratulate the former Intercontinental Champion on his major win, with most of them hoping that he will have a successful cash in.

During the interview, Big E revealed that the welcoming response he received from fans made his day very special.

"Everyone has been so lovely, from fans to my peers," he said." "I think in wrestling, it feels rare that, you know when someone wins, it’s usually split to some degree for the most part. This felt, either I missed it, maybe there was some negative reaction, but I didn’t really see much of it. It’s humbling to see so many people be so supportive. It was a special day for me."

Which current world champion would you like to see Big E cash in the Money in the Bank contract on? Let us know in the comments below!

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