WWE makes a big announcement on the feud between Adam Cole and Pat McAfee 

Pat McAfee and Adam Cole.
Pat McAfee and Adam Cole.

As announced by WWE, Pat McAfee will appear on the upcoming episode of NXT to clear up the drama between him and Adam Cole.

WWE confirmed the appearance in the NXT preview on its website, while also detailing the backstory between the two men.

Here's what provided in the preview for the segment:

Time to talk Bay Bay! Pat McAfee is ready to clear the air with Adam Cole and is headed to NXT tonight hoping to do exactly that.
The last encounter between McAfee and Adam Cole resulted in a heated exchange and the former NXT Champion shoving one of the radio host's producers. Triple H joined "The Pat McAfee Show" a couple days later and reiterated Cole's apology in an attempt to ease tensions between the two.
Now, McAfee will take a mid-honeymoon break to try and relieve some of the drama from his professional life and bury the hatchet with Cole. Will the former NFL Pro Bowler be able to mend the relationship, or will another war of words break out with the longest-reigning NXT Champion in history? Catch it all on NXT tonight on USA Network at 8/7 C.

The 'Drama' between Adam Cole and Pat McAfee

Adam Cole and Pat McAfee were involved in an altercation on the latter's show, and the incident was trending all over social media when it happened.

It was later revealed to be an angle, and Triple H even appeared on Pat McAfee's radio show to smoothen things out between Cole and McAfee.

The longest reigning NXT Champion issued an apology for his outburst, but WWE seems to be building the angle towards a potential match, or maybe not?

McAfee issued another tweet in which he was seen talking to Adam Cole, and the beef seems to have been buried for good.

It should be noted that McAfee got married on Saturday, and he has been given the green signal from his wife to take a detour from their honeymoon to appear on NXT TV.

Pat McAfee, a former NFL player, has been involved with the WWE since 2018. Incidentally enough, McAfee stopped Adam Cole from winning a match via DQ against Aleister Black during an NXT show in Indianapolis in 2018.

Is the feud really settled or could there be a big swerve in store? We should get our answers soon.

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