"A very demanding boss" - Former WWE commentator opens up about his relationship with Vince McMahon

Adnan Virk talks about his relationship with Vince McMahon
Adnan Virk talks about his relationship with Vince McMahon

Adnan Virk has opened up on his thoughts regarding Vince McMahon. Speaking to Peter Klein on Coach Potato Diary in a recent interview, the former WWE commentator said that McMahon is a very demanding boss.

Virk joined the announce team for Monday Night RAW as a replacement for Tom Phillips. He would hold the role for roughly six weeks before mutually parting ways with the company, citing the schedule as being too much for him and his family.

According to the former RAW commentator, Vince McMahon certainly knows what he wants and is a "super smart guy." He further commentated on McMahon's business empire and work ethic:

"Vince McMahon is obviously a very demanding boss, he knows what he wants and is a super smart guy. He's built up an enormous business, but they are hard workers," said Adnan Virk. (H/T: Fightful)
WWE and Adnan Virk have mutually agreed to part ways. WWE thanks Adnan for his work.

With no previous experience as a wrestling commentator, Virk began working as the lead announcer on WWE RAW on April 12. Before joining WWE, he worked with ESPN and other sports networks.

Adnan Virk also opened up about his interaction with Vince McMahon

Adnan Virk finally detailed his time in WWE. I thought his point about researchers was good, though he also acknowledged that announcers don't really talk about what happened months ago, only weeks.…

Adnan Virk mentioned that he didn't see Vince McMahon during his first show and he didn't even get any training from WWE. Virk mentioned that while some people pointed out that it was a little unfair on WWE to not give him any training beforehand, the former RAW commentator took the blame on himself and thinks it was his fault that he wasn't good enough.

Virk mentioned that the first time he met Vince McMahon was on his second show and not during his first show on April 12. The former WWE play-by-play commentator added that the Chairman was very polite and respectful towards him:

"It was great. I didn't see him my first show. Here's the thing, they didn't give me any training, which some people point out was a little unfair. I don't think you hire Jason Witten for Monday Night Football and don't give him training. I recognize that's the way WWE does things so no excuses, that's my fault that I wasn't good enough. It's not like I met with Vince before my first show. I literally was just prepping on my own, doing my best, and Michael Cole was helping out. The first time I met Vince. My first show was April 12, I didn't meet Vince, I heard his voice in my ear at one point and he was giving direction. I met him after the second show. He summoned me in. I met him, he was very polite and very respectful and he basically gave really good feedback," added Adnan Virk.

Although Vince McMahon may not have assisted Virk on his debut, it's refreshing to hear that Michael Cole played a mentoring role to the new commentator. Adnan Virk has since been replaced by former MMA fighter Jimmy Smith on WWE RAW.

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