Alexa Bliss teases gimmick change on Twitter

Alexa Bliss cutting a promo at WWE ThunderDome
Alexa Bliss cutting a promo at WWE ThunderDome

Alexa Bliss has just made a big tease on Twitter, in regards to her character.

Bliss hasn't wrestled on WWE TV ever since her Raw Women's title loss to Charlotte Flair at Extreme Rules 2021. She is reportedly on hiatus as she is set to undergo sinus surgery. There's no telling how long Bliss' break will last, though.

Her fans are eagerly waiting to see her back on WWE TV again. Amidst all the speculation regarding her possible return date, Bliss posted a big tease on her Twitter handle.

Alexa Bliss posted a GIF that shows her undergoing an interesting transformation. The GIF hints that Bliss could possibly ditch the dark persona and bring back her old character. Check out the tweet below:

Alexa Bliss has been donning the disturbed persona for over a year now

Alexa Bliss was attacked by The Fiend on WWE SmackDown last year. Thus began her descent to the dark side. Bliss soon joined Bray Wyatt and embraced her other, disturbing side.

The duo made their way to WWE RAW during the 2020 WWE Draft and began terrorizing the red brand's superstars. Bliss and Wyatt kicked off a heated feud with WWE veteran Randy Orton, which lasted for months on end.

Bliss interfered in Wyatt's WrestleMania 37 match against The Viper, thus resulting in a win for Orton. Wyatt was later released by WWE while Bliss kept working as a sinister heel.

Her character has received quite a mixed reaction, but most have lauded Bliss for nailing it. Here's what fellow WWE Superstar Liv Morgan had to say about Bliss' gimmick:

“I love what she’s doing. It’s creative, it’s artsy, it’s dark, which are all things that I am drawn to. I definitely think maybe it makes others broaden their mind as to what we can and are able to, get away with. It’s inspirational in that aspect showing us we can think outside the box maybe a little bit more than we had anticipated,” said Morgan. [H/T WrestlingInc]

Check out some fan reactions to Alexa Bliss' tease:

@AlexaBliss_WWE I kinda prefer the creepy satanic version of Alexander it kinda brings some spice to wwe
@AlexaBliss_WWE I really hope to see your goddess gimmick again!
@AlexaBliss_WWE we want the goddess back
@AlexaBliss_WWE The return of the goddess?🤔
@AlexaBliss_WWE If it's not the goodness don't return

Are you a fan of Alexa Bliss' current gimmick? What would be your reaction if she brings back her old persona on WWE TV?

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