Backstage reason why Batista was rejected by WCW (Exclusive)

Batista was signed by WWE in 2000
Batista was signed by WWE in 2000

WWE legend Batista was rejected by WCW at the start of his pro wrestling career because the company didn't have a program for him to hone his craft, according to former trainer Buddy Lee Parker.

The Animal had a tryout with WCW in 1999 but was rejected following which he tried his hand at signing with WWE. He was signed by the company in 2000 and debuted on the main roster two years later, before going on to win a number of titles.

During the recent episode of UnSKripted with Dr. Chris Featherstone, WCW trainer Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker (aka DeWayne Bruce) explained why Batista was not signed by WCW and how he directed him towards WWE.

"You know what, WCW was set-up for training program there. He did come for a tryout, I did run him off but I knew WCW was not going to take him like he was. I thought I did him a great favor going to WWE because I sent him to the Cincinnati - whatever their training ground is. But he still holds it against me. But all things looking at it, it was the best thing to happen for him."
"Well, it wasn't necessarily him. It was most necessarily with WCW because they didn't have a program for him to go," said the former WCW trainer and performer.

Batista had an "awful" tryout with WCW

Batista recalled a few years ago that his tryout with WCW was not memorable at all.

"I went and had this awful tryout with WCW and they ran me out the door and told me to never come back. I went down there at 340 pounds, was all jacked up, went down with a buddy of mine and Sarge and he jumped in our faces and just got on us and he wanted nothing more than to just run us out the door," said Batista.

The WWE legend had intended to join pro wrestling to make some money and said that he wasn't a hardcore fan when he first thought of joining the business.

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