WWE: Batista recalls his first attempt at landing WCW gig going bad, calls trainer a bitter troll


WWE and Hollywood star Batista recently appeared on Chris Jericho’s podcast Talk Is Jericho. The star of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy recalled his first awful tryout in the WCW and talked why he entered the world of wrestling.

First tryout at wrestling ends bad

"Originally, I got into it to make some money," he explained. "I didn't know much about the pros. I was a fan in the early '80s, I was a fan in the Attitude Era but I didn't know anything about it—I wasn't a hardcore fan… So I got in it because I was broke and closing in on 30. I had two kids and I was still bouncing for $100 a night."

Batista said his first attempt at landing a wrestling gig went very badly.

"I went and had this awful tryout with WCW and they ran me out the door and told me to never come back," he laughed. "I went down to the Power Plant…they were having open tryouts; you know, you just show up and pay $300, which at that time was a lot of money for me."

Trainer a bitter troll of a man

He recalled his encounter with longtime Power Plant trainer DeWayne Bruce, a.k.a "Sarge," in which Bruce yelled at him and dismissed him quickly.

"I went down there at 340 pounds, was all jacked up, went down with a buddy of mine and Sarge and he jumped in our faces and just got on us and he wanted nothing more than to just run us out the door. He was just a bitter troll of a man."

Jericho added that Chael Sonnen, who recently appeared on Talk Is Jericho as well, reported having a similar experience when he tried out with WCW.

Batista has previously discussed the Power Plant incident before, particularly in his WWE-published biography, Batista Unleashed. DeWayne Bruce has responded publicly as well, stating that he does not specifically recall Batista's tryout.

Part two of Batista's interview on Talk is Jericho is online at this link.