"He turned his back on me" - WWE superstar opens up on his relationship with Sheamus

Sheamus lost his match with Drew McIntyre this week
Sheamus lost his match with Drew McIntyre this week

WWE superstar Drew McIntyre spoke about his long-term rival Sheamus and what it was like to get a win over the Celtic Warrior this week on SmackDown.

WWE correspondent Kayla Braxton caught up with Drew McIntyre on Talking Smack where the Scottish Warrior spoke about his recent win against Sheamus.

Drew McIntyre was jubilant after the show and mentioned that he enjoyed the hard-fought win against Sheamus. McIntyre detailed that the two men have history from the time they used to be friends and Sheamus decided to turn his back on Drew.

Here's what Drew McIntyre had to say:

'It's always satisfying to get a victory over Sheamus. You know, I can't remember how long ago it was now that he turned his back on me after 20 years and kicked me in the face. I figured we'd have got through it by now, but still, he's been an arse. He's laughing at my face and still, I'm kicking his head off his body. It's always a good day for me and for the WWE Universe when they get to see two big guys beating the hell out of each other," McIntyre said.

Sheamus lobbied to keep Drew McIntyre out of the Black Friday Invitational Battle Royal

This week on SmackDown, Drew McIntyre met with WWE official Adam Pearce in a backstage segment. Pearce informed McIntyre that some higher powers made the call that he would not participate in the Battle Royal two weeks ago

McIntyre was irate after hearing the news that Sheamus had played a big role in keeping him out of the Battle Royal and set out for retribution against his former friend.

During the singles matchup with Sheamus, Drew picked up the win with an earth shattering Claymore to the Celtic Warrior.

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