"He was a bad fit" - Eric Bischoff on former WCW star who "hated" Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan was one of WCW's top stars
Hulk Hogan was one of WCW's top stars
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Former WCW executive Eric Bischoff says Jesse Ventura’s unprofessional behavior and dislike of Hulk Hogan led to his exit from the company.

Ventura, who worked as a commentator for WCW between 1992 and 1994, once fell asleep backstage during a television taping. According to Bischoff, Ventura also spoke negatively about Hulk Hogan to members of WCW’s production team.

During a recent episode of Bischoff's 83 Weeks podcast, he discussed Ventura’s departure and stated that the WWE Hall of Famer was a “bad fit” for WCW.

“We’re starting to get decent morale, and Hogan comes in and now there’s some hope," said Bischoff. "And then you’ve got this guy just bad-mouthing everybody and everything, mostly because he hates Hogan. He was just a bad fit at the time. And then to catch him sleeping on the job and I’m paying him 500 grand a year? It’s like… nah, I’ll make this go away."

Jesse Ventura’s issues with Hulk Hogan stemmed from the time that the former commentator tried to create a union for wrestlers without Vince McMahon knowing. Ventura wanted the meeting to be private between wrestlers, but McMahon confirmed during a court case in 1990 that Hogan told him about the conversation.

Jesse Ventura thinks Hulk Hogan forced him out of WCW

In 2015, Jesse Ventura said in an interview with Wrestling Inc. that Hulk Hogan was responsible for his WCW exit.

He claimed Hogan did not want him to work as a commentator, so the WWE legend used his backstage power to influence Eric Bischoff.

“The thing with WCW was Bischoff brought Hogan in, and that spelled the end for me," said Ventura. "Hogan wanted me gone. My contract had about six months left when Hogan was brought in, and they never called me back. I sat at home and they paid me. Hogan wanted control, and he knew he couldn’t control Jesse Ventura. He knows I’ll say anything on the mic."

Ventura added that Bischoff is “a little backstabber” who only wanted him to leave due to his loyalty to Hulk Hogan.

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