Female star allegedly wanted to rip Sable "limb from limb" 

There was backstage heat between Sable and Luna Vachon
There was backstage heat between Sable and Luna Vachon
Abhilash Mendhe

Jim Cornette recently opened up on Sable and Luna Vachon's real-life heat, back in the 90s.

Sable was quite a popular name in the 90s and was a major attraction on WWE TV. She didn't get along well with a bunch of female stars at the time, including Sunny and Luna Vachon.

Former WWE agent and booker Jim Cornette was asked by a fan about a rumored backstage fight between Vachon and Sable. In response, he had the following to say:

"People had to talk Luna into not ripping Sable limb from limb. I think, was that at one point she told me she was just gonna grab her and throw her in one of those big equipment cases and shut the fu*king lid," said Jim Cornette.

He then recalled Luna Vachon being angry at Sable over the finish of a Women's title match that they had. The two faced each other at Royal Rumble 1999. This was the only title bout they ever competed in, with Sable coming out victorious. Speaking about the match, Cornette said:

"The finish was gonna be, I think Luna would clock Sable somehow with the belt, and do something, pin, I don't know. Sable was scared of getting hit with the belt. Luna came back because I think I may have been the one to deliver the finish, or the news to her. She just came to me like, 'what do I do? She don't want me to hit her with the belt.' I said, 'did you show her how you were going to hit her with the belt?' So finally they compromised and instead of whacking her over the back of the head with the belt in a working way, they made Luna take the belt and shove it into Sable's back, and she took some kind of horrible crumple. And Luna was pi**ed off," said Cornette.

Sable was quite a controversial figure back in the day

Sable's WWE run in the late 90s was marred by controversy. Her beef with Sunny has been well documented and many wrestling personalities have spoken up about the same.

She quit WWE in mid-1999 and later filed a $110 million lawsuit against Vince McMahon's promotion, citing allegations of unsafe working conditions. Sable returned to WWE in 2003 and had a year-long stint this time around. She portrayed the role of McMahon's mistress and feuded with Stephanie McMahon during the run.

Rena Marlette Lesnar (de soltera Greek, nacida el 8 de agosto de 1967), es una modelo, actriz y luchadora profesional estadounidense retirada. Conocida principalmente por su paso en la WWE bajo el nombre de Sable. #WWE #Sable #mundoxretro #wrestling #luchas

Shw left the company in 2004 and hasn't made an appearance since then. It's safe to assume that fans won't get to see her on WWE TV ever again.

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