"I don't understand why" - Jim Ross on Shane McMahon's risky WWE stunts

Shane McMahon is one of the biggest risk-takers in WWE history
Shane McMahon is one of the biggest risk-takers in WWE history
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Former WWE commentator and executive Jim Ross believes Shane McMahon’s Hell in a Cell stunts were unnecessary.

McMahon jumped off the top of the structure against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 32 and against Kevin Owens at WWE Hell in a Cell 2017. Both incidents drew comparisons to Mick Foley’s famous fall during his match against The Undertaker at WWE King of the Ring 1998.

Speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, Ross questioned why WWE’s higher-ups allowed McMahon to perform a stunt that had already been done.

“You know, he was a stunt guy, and him coming off the top of the set area one time was also kind of breathtaking," said Ross. "I did not like him trying to emulate Foley on the Hell in a Cell. I don’t understand why we would allow Shane to do that, because it’s not gonna get Shane over. It’s just gonna be embellishing Foley’s stunt. And it didn’t become Shane’s – it’s just a copy of Mick’s."
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In 2017, Mick Foley gave a similar opinion when asked by Sports Illustrated about Shane McMahon’s Hell in a Cell jump against Kevin Owens. The Hall of Famer said McMahon deserves “all the credit in the world” for risking his body, but urged him not to do it again.

Jim Ross praises Shane McMahon’s willingness to take risks

Shane McMahon in WWE
Shane McMahon in WWE

As Jim Ross mentioned, Shane McMahon’s Hell in a Cell leaps are not the only risky moves he has pulled off in WWE. He also jumped from the top of the Titantron earlier in his career.

Although Ross is not a fan of Shane's daredevil antics, he gave Vince McMahon’s son credit for trying to entertain fans.

“But I’ll say this for Shane: night in and night out, he was willing to try anything," Ross added. "I don’t know if he was chasing hugs or what from dad… I can understand that if he did."

Shane McMahon’s most recent WWE match ended in defeat against Braun Strowman at WrestleMania 37. The match featured a spot where Strowman launched his opponent onto the ring canvas from the top of a steel cage. Once again, McMahon put his body on the line in order to entertain the fans.

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