"I don't give a s***. Just watch what I do" - Jim Ross on how former WWE Champion took 'the ball' out of everyone's hand to succeed

Jim Ross talks about former WWE Champion Stone Cold
Jim Ross talks about former WWE Champion Stone Cold

WWE legend Jim Ross talked about Stone Cold Steve Austin and how the former WWE Champion became one of the biggest stars in the company.

Stone Cold rose to prominence during WWE's Attitude Era - a time when the company had multiple top names like Triple H, The Rock and Chris Jericho, all trying to become the biggest star on the roster. But it was Steve Austin who made the most of the competition.

Speaking on Grilling JR, Jim Ross talked about how Stone Cold was determined to make a name for himself. He had a no-quit attitude and was straightforward. Despite top names like Triple H, Shawn Michaels and The Rock being prominent at the time, Stone Cold's rise to success was like none other.

"You got to hope that one of those guys I mentioned is going to take the ball and run with it like Austin did. Austin just took the ball out of everybody’s hands and said, ‘I’m the man. I’m the guy here. And if I’m the only one that can see it. I don’t give a s***. Just watch what I do," said Ross.

Jim Ross on how Stone Cold became the biggest star during the Attitude Era

Jim Ross spoke about Stone Cold's rivalry with Mr. McMahon during the late 90s and how it helped WWE win the 'Monday Night Wars' against WCW. The rivalry catapulted Austin into becoming WWE's biggest star, closely followed by names like The Rock, Triple H and The Undertaker.


Jim Ross said that all these top stars were like pieces of a puzzle. But it was Stone Cold who was the most crucial part of the puzzle and helped everyone lift their careers due to his success.

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