"Look in the mirror" - Ric Flair heavily criticizes WWE as Becky Lynch trademark battle ends

Ric Flair (left); Becky Lynch (right)
Ric Flair (left); Becky Lynch (right)
Danny Hart

Ric Flair has confirmed that his trademark battle with WWE over Becky Lynch’s The Man nickname has finally ended.

Lynch became known as The Man in 2018, shortly after she began feuding with Ric’s daughter Charlotte. The 16-time world champion threatened legal action against WWE over the company’s use of the nickname, which he also used during his legendary career.

Speaking on his Wooooo Nation Uncensored podcast, Flair said he only ever wanted his catchphrases and nicknames to be used by his family members:

“Ultimately, the people that did that to me need to look in the mirror and know that I worked my whole career for that to belong to my daughter or my son. They’ve gotta look at themselves in the mirror. They gotta say to themselves, ‘Boy, he took something that he worked his whole life, his a** off for, every day, made a joke of it, and gave it away.'”

Lynch’s The Man merchandise is still available to buy on WWE’s online stores. While she still calls herself The Man on social media, the RAW Women’s Champion is now nicknamed Big Time Becks on WWE television.

Ric Flair questions how much money WWE made thanks to The Man

Everyone wanting to share the spotlight with The Man.

Vince McMahon’s company has sold Becky Lynch's The Man nickname on dozens of merchandise over the last three years. The WWE 2K20 video game cover even featured Lynch wearing one of her best-selling The Man t-shirts.

Ric Flair speculated that the promotion had made over $30 million over the last three years based on its marketing of the said nickname:

“It is [trademark battle over], and in closing because I’m so tired of going over it, it’s not even let’s say hypothetically the number one selling t-shirt for two years, and a billion dollar company, so let’s just say they made 30 million dollars, right? I could find out but it’s not worth it.”

Flair did not disclose any more information about the trademark dispute. He added that he has been “silenced on the issue,” and he does not plan to say anything else about it.

Please credit Wooooo Nation Uncensored and give a H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription if you use quotes from this article.

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