Stone Cold Steve Austin recalls one of the craziest things he saw whilst living with a WWE Hall of Famer

WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin
WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin
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'Stone Cold' Steve Austin has shared a hilarious story about WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page during their days as roommates.

The two former world champions shared a condo back in 2005 while Page was working on The Devil's Rejects. They are long-time friends and were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on two different occasions.

DDP was the latest guest on the Broken Skull Sessions, and during the show, Steve Austin reflected on the time he saw the former WCW World Champion push a barbecue grill down the road.

"Dude, your story, so we living in Dallas' place. It had his barbecue grill, it's kind of a s**t grill, so Dallas decided he was gonna go down to Home Depot and buy a new barbecue grill. Anyway, Home Depot was about a half three-quarter mile from the condo we used to live in. I'm about a half hungover man, I'm going into the gym and I'm driving my car down Jefferson, and coming out of Home Depot parking lot I see this m**********r pushing a barbecue grill," said Austin.
"Like who the f*** gon' push a barbecue grill down the road? I did a double-take, I said, man, it's Dallas! I knew you were still wearing your pajamas and your house shoes. I don't know what you did, but, you was —dude is walking like nobody's business down the boulevard. I was like man, this m**********r had some balls. That's what's like living with Dallas Page at a condo," he added.
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Diamond Dallas Page was a bigger star in WCW than Stone Cold Steve Austin

Steve Austin was the poster boy of the Attitude Era and is one of the biggest superstars in the history of WWE. He has captured multiple titles in the company and has shared the ring with all-time greats such as Bret Hart and The Undertaker.

Before joining Vince McMahon's company, Austin competed in WWE's biggest competitor, WCW, under the ring name "Stunning" Steve Austin. He portrayed a different character, and he never enjoyed the same success that he did in WWE. Meanwhile, it's the opposite for DDP.

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Page was a big star in the defunct promotion and held the WCW Heavyweight Championship three times. He had a memorable bout with Goldberg that some fans still talk about.

In WWE, however, DDP could not replicate the same success that he did in WCW. Both Dallas and Steve Austin are still legends and have earned their spots in the WWE Hall of Fame.

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