Ted DiBiase reveals the original plan for his stint on WWE NXT

Ted DiBiase was part of an entertaining storyline on NXT
Ted DiBiase was part of an entertaining storyline on NXT
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WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase recently revealed that the company had different plans for the bump he took when LA Knight attacked him on an episode of NXT.

Ted Dibiase was recently a part of the storyline on WWE's third brand that saw him outbid Cameron Grimes at various places after the latter claimed to be the richest man in all of NXT.

LA Knight was quickly added to the mix as he aligned himself with the Hall of Famer. However, the NXT star soon turned on DiBiase after winning the Million Dollar championship and attacked him on the show. It was the perfect show of lowlife cowardice on behalf of Knight, and it got the fans furious.

LA Knight wins Ted DiBiase’s Million Dollar Championship and then attacks the Million Dollar Man.Now THAT’S a heel.LA Knight is the ultimate arrogant scumbag. Perfect 👏#WWENXT

Speaking about the incident on Fightful Select, The Million Dollar man stated that the segment was booked a bit differently at first. The original plan was for a number of security guards to catch DiBiase during his bump so he didn't get hurt.

However, the WWE Hall of Famer insisted on taking the bump. Just like any esteemed pro, he wanted to make Knight look as good as possible.

DiBiase later got his revenge on LA Knight by interfering in the match between him and Cameron Grimes at NXT Takeover 36 and costing Knight the Million Dollar Championship.

Ted DiBiase enjoyed working with WWE NXT talents

Listen to that reaction for Cameron Grimes inside the Capitol Wrestling Center!Excellent segment with Ted DiBiase, LA Knight and Cameron Grimes.This storyline has been excellent.#WWENXT

Ted DiBiase recently shared his experience of working with WWE in an interview with Bullet Cast. The Million Dollar man revealed he had a great time working with fresh talents on NXT.

The WWE Hall of Famer also stated that he would love to help the current generation of talent in NXT:

“I’ve enjoyed it. It gives me an opportunity to be around the new talent. I told them, I’m there two days a week and I said, ‘I’m gonna be available if you have any questions or if want to visit. I’m available. All you have to do is ask,"- DiBiase said. (H/T- 411mania)

A run with the Million Dollar Championship worked wonders for both Cameron Grimes and LA Knight as they got to showcase their talents. Ted DiBiase, too, played his role to perfection and elevated both men in the process.

What are your thoughts on Ted DiBiase taking a bump to put over LA Knight? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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