"I’m working with him, don’t talk to him" - Triple H to ex-WWE writer on developmental star

Triple H gave Freddie Prinze Jr. a 'hands-off' message about a developmental star.
Triple H gave Freddie Prinze Jr. a 'hands-off' message about a developmental star.

Triple H had a falling out with ex-WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. and prohibited him from working with a developmental wrestler in the company.

Freddie Prinze Jr. began his career in Hollywood, working as an actor. He also worked as a writer and producer in WWE and had two stints there. Apart from working behind the scenes, he also appeared on-screen as a special guest host and Vince McMahon's doctor.

Prinze Jr. recently revealed in an interview on the Ariel Helwani Show that Triple H was not happy about him pushing for Jeff Hardy to become WWE Champion. That fallout resulted in the two not seeing eye-to-eye, while The Game also told him not to work with a star in the company's developmental territory.

“Then it was just weird after that like there was another wrestler in developmental that I wanted to work on and I had some ideas with, and he [Triple H] was like, ‘Hey, I’m working with him. Don’t talk to him.’ And I was like, ‘Ah, that’s it. Alright, cool. I get it.’ So I just stayed away from his guys. And I stayed away from him after that, because he just, you know — but again, he was right," said Freddie Prinze Jr. (H/T WrestleZone)
This is why cats like HHH doing interviews and Cody being on other TNT programming is so important. They help normalize the business because they just get it. They come off chill and solid. Hope they both continue to stay out in the public eye. It’s more important now than ever

Although he pushed Hardy, Prinze Jr. understood Triple H's decision not to back The Charismatic Enigma to win the world title.

Freddie Prinze Jr. had a tiff with John Cena in WWE

My new favorite person, Freddie Prinze Jr shoots on John Cena. @RealFPJr @JohnCena Listen to it all here!…

The ex-WWE writer seemed to get along with most people in Vince McMahon's promotion, which Hall of Famer Arn Anderson previously revealed.

But, Prinze Jr. has stated that he and John Cena had a backstage disagreement. The squabble came about after Cena interfered in a promo class that he was conducting.

The 16-time world champion seemingly didn't approve of Prinze Jr.'s method of teaching budding young wrestlers.

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