"He was screaming at all of us" - Vince McMahon's furious reaction after two WWE legends were arrested

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon held an important meeting in 1987
WWE Chairman Vince McMahon held an important meeting in 1987

Former WWE Superstar Mario Mancini recently recalled how Vince McMahon reacted furiously after Jim Duggan and The Iron Sheik’s infamous arrest.

In 1987, Duggan and Sheik were pulled over by the police on their way to a WWE event. It emerged that Duggan had been smoking marijuana, while Sheik was under the influence of cocaine.

Speaking on the Cheap Heat Productions Podcast, Mancini said Vince McMahon screamed at everyone on the WWE roster during a backstage meeting.

“Vince comes walking in. Duggan and Sheik just got busted in the same car. He comes up and he goes, ‘We’ve done so many good things, we’re on top of the world, and it got all f***ed up.’ He took his blazer off and he slammed it on the floor. ‘Son of a b****! I don’t want anybody doing drugs in here.’ Oh, he went nuts. And I still ended up standing next to [Hulk] Hogan, and I’m giving him the side-eye, and he’s looking at me with a side-eye. I’m like, ‘He’s p****d, he’s p****d,’ and he was screaming at all of us, all of us, and I’m like, ‘Oh, man…’” Mancini said.

Mancini, who was The Undertaker’s first official WWE opponent, worked for Vince McMahon’s company between 1984 and 1991. He also said in the interview that he hopes to receive an invite to The Undertaker’s WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Vince McMahon rehired both Jim Duggan and The Iron Sheik

Jim Duggan and The Iron Sheik's arrest was made worse by the fact that they were rivals on WWE television at the time. In those days, babyfaces and heels were expected to maintain kayfabe by traveling separately.

Vince McMahon fired The Iron Sheik before rehiring him a year later. Duggan, who had only just joined WWE as a babyface, was also brought back shortly after receiving his release.

Sheik and Duggan became WWE Hall of Famers in 2005 and 2011, respectively.

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