Vince Russo reviews Netflix's Escape The Undertaker (Exclusive)

The Undertaker retired from in-ring competition in 2020
The Undertaker retired from in-ring competition in 2020

Vince Russo believes Escape The Undertaker makes for “tremendous” viewing for children, but he does not think adults will be entertained by the Netflix special.

In the latest episode of Writing With Russo, the former WWE writer reviewed the interactive film with Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Dr. Chris Featherstone.

While he understands the appeal of Escape The Undertaker to younger WWE fans, the 60-year-old did not personally enjoy watching the Halloween-themed production.

“I started watching this like, ‘Okay, bro, I’m a 12-year-old kid watching this.’ This was 100 percent for kids. Bro, come on, if you’re one of these 24-year-old neck beards watching this… come on, bro. But Halloween’s coming, if you’ve got the 12-year-olds, the 14-year-olds… that’s who this is for. And if that’s the audience they were going after, bro, I thought this was tremendous. For you and me? Nah, bro, absolutely not, but it wasn’t for you and me,” Russo said.

Watch the video above to hear more of Vince Russo’s thoughts on Escape The Undertaker. He also discussed The New Day’s possible future outside of WWE after their impressive performances in the Netflix special.

Vince Russo’s experience of watching Escape The Undertaker

See if you can do what so many have failed to… can you harness the power of the urn and #EscapeTheUndertaker?!? Now streaming on @netflix ⚱️

Escape The Undertaker follows Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods during their hunt for The Undertaker’s urn inside the legendary superstar’s haunted mansion. Throughout the episode, viewers can dictate what happens next in the story by choosing from various multiple-choice options.

Although the film's runtime is listed as 31 minutes, it can last longer if viewers select options that delay their path to the urn. Vince Russo joked that he tried to answer strategically in order to end the interactive experience as quickly as possible.

“I mean, bro, I’m trying to choose them and I’m really trying to guess, I swear to you, ‘Okay, which one’s shorter?’ I kept leaving, like, ‘Leave the room! Leave the house!’ I kept leaving and then, bro, I go to leave parts and I laughed out loud because I’m like, ‘Okay, bro, I’m leaving now, let’s get out of here,’ and The Undertaker goes, ‘Did you think you were going to be able to leave that fast?’ I’m like, ‘Oh, bro, I was hoping I was!’” Russo stated.

Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Max Everett also watched Escape The Undertaker this week. Max's review and final verdict can be read here.

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