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WWE News: WWE not willing to pay for Paige's surgeries?

7.49K   //    15 Oct 2016, 10:28 IST

Paige is a 2 time WWE Divas Champion

Paige’s relations with WWE seem to be worsening as the days pass. A few days ago, the former Divas Champion was penalised with a 60-days suspension due to allegedly failing the company's Talent Wellness Policy for the second time in her career.

Several weeks prior, she had her first violation which resulted in a suspension for 30 days. If the anti-diva receives another suspension, it will result in the termination of her contract with WWE. Paige is also suffering from a neck injury which has prevented her from competing in the squared circle for several months.

Apparently, she will need to undergo a surgery and it will sideline her from wrestling for another six to nine months. While her doctor opted for the surgery, WWE feels that such a step is not required at all. According to Wrestling Observer, this situation has resulted in a legal issue.

As Paige is associated with WWE, the company is suppposed to provide her with financial help during such medical conditions but if the doctors of WWE do not approve the surgery then Paige will have to pay the bills herself.

After the news of her second violation of the Wellness Policy was made public, Paige claimed that some painkillers (not prescribed by the WWE) were the reason she failed the drug test. Her parents were vocal about the situation and stated that the company’s decision to suspend her for consuming painkillers is not justifiable.

They also remarked that WWE are neglecting the neck injury of their former Divas Champion. There may be a possibilty that her family were notified about the unwillingness of WWE to pay for her surgery which ignited the outburst against the company. 

WWE rarely announces the substance for which a wrestler failed his/her wellness policy test but when the questions were raised against the company they declared that Paige failed her test due to some illegal drugs and not because of any painkillers.

Paige even tweeted “Rules apply according to your status”, thereby venting her frustations regarding the recent decisions taken by the WWE. She even tried to get a way out of her contract but due to some obligations she will remain tied with the wrestling promotion for a few years to come.

Let’s hope that the two parties can work out the mess and a healthy relationship is established once again. 

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