WWE officially confirms a superstar has been released

The star appears to no longer be part of the company
The star appears to no longer be part of the company

WWE is not having the easiest time retaining its superstars at the moment. Amid a new wave of talent departing, the company has officially confirmed another star's release on its website. After she seemingly confirmed her departure herself in a cryptic Instagram post, the company has now apparently confirmed that Lacey Evans has left World Wrestling Entertainment.

In a move that started the internet talking a few days back, Lacey Evans changed her Twitter handle, calling herself Limitless Macey. She would later use her real name, Macey Estrella, as well, putting out a post on Instagram in what was seen as a confirmation of her release.

Now, the company itself has given an official indication of Evans' status for the first time. Under the Superstars page of WWE.com, the company moved Lacey to the Alumni section. This would not happen without official approval.

Soon after the move was made, fans on Twitter noted it and tweeted out the update.

Without an actual statement, WWE moving her to the Alumni section is the only official confirmation of the release so far. Fans will have to wait and see whether the company provides a statement about the matter or not.

As of this moment, details as to the reasons for Evans' release are not known.

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