WWE RAW opens with immediate major change to the show

There was a major change to this week
There was a major change to this week's RAW

WWE has made a huge change to the Monday Night RAW program beginning with this week's episode.

It was reported that the company was discussing changing the show's theme song. "Greatness" by Vo Williams was used as the theme for nearly two years.

The reports were confirmed to be true, as this week's episode of RAW opened with a new intro. According to the same report, WWE's music publishing company DefRebel and Stephanie Music Publishing Inc. were listed as the publishers for the new song.

You can check out a clip of the new intro below:

This week's RAW was the fallout episode of WWE Survivor Series: WarGames, and it was one of the most anticipated episodes of all time.

Last Saturday night, CM Punk made a shocking return to the company after months of speculation. He left the wrestling juggernaut in 2014, and after almost a decade, he's finally back.

He previously competed in AEW, but he was fired after a backstage incident that took place at All In. Another big name that returned at the Premium Live Event was Randy Orton, who competed in the Men's WarGames match. The Viper and The Voice of the Voiceless were both advertised for RAW this week.

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