WWE reportedly planning another big twist after Kairi Sane's return at Crown Jewel 2023

An insider has teased something that nobody will see coming
An insider has teased something that nobody will see coming

Kairi Sane's return to WWE at Crown Jewel 2023 took many by surprise, as it appears that she could be joining Damage CTRL as the fourth member. The insider who broke the news about her impending return at Crown Jewel has now followed up with something incredible.

Kairi Sane returned to WWE at Crown Jewel 2023 after three years away. When she was exiting WWE, her last appearance saw her taken out by none other than Bayley.

Reddit user kerrmit125, a reliable insider on the subreddit SquaredCircle, has a good track record of breaking correct news - such as Becky Lynch's return to set up a match against Trish Stratus at Night of Champions 2023. He stated on Reddit that another close friend will join Kairi Sane and Iyo Sky in Damage CTRL, as well as another star that "no one will see coming":

This could mean anything, but as for the friend in question, the first person that comes to mind is Asuka. As for the twist that nobody will see coming, that is something that will seriously ramp up interest.

Adding more members will be huge for Damage CTRL - a team that hasn't had the best track record together but still rules Friday Night SmackDown.

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