WWE SmackDown star confused after being told her account "doesn't exist"

The star was not too happy after the issue
The star was not too happy after the issue

A WWE star was left confused after being confronted with a glitch from Twitter tonight. She was confronted by a message saying that her account no longer existed even though she was able to send out tweets. This comes after a sitewide glitch on Twitter, one that Scarlett Bordeaux - the star in question - didn't know about.

Twitter was down for a few minutes earlier in the day. The site was not loading for a while, and although tweeting was still available, the issue came with the fact that accounts were being told that they didn't exist. It came from a sitewide glitch that had the entire system down.

WWE SmackDown star Scarlett Bordeaux was confused when confronted with this glitch and sent out a tweet to her followers, asking if anyone else was having issues as well. She said that although she could tweet, she was being told her account didn't exist.

She shared a screenshot showing the same problem.

As for Twitter, things are back to normal - for now.

Dutch Mantell thinks WWE should be pushing Scarlett Bordeaux

Although they've been on the main roster for a while now, Karrion Kross and Bordeaux have not been making the waves the fans expected. With both being extremely talented performers, there was an assumption that they'd be at the top of the card soon, but that's not been the case.

Currently, Kross has been the star that the company has focused on more. WWE veteran Dutch Mantell, though, felt that Bordeaux was a better bet. He talked about it on an episode of Smack Talk.

"All they're doing is they're just doing maintenance on AJ. Karrion is just putting guys over. I don't think it even helps a guy for them to beat Karrion Kross. It's kinda expected when he goes into the match now. The girl's got more heat than he's got. I'd do something with her."

It remains to be seen if Bordeaux gets a push soon.