"He screwed up and told me" - WWE Superstar reveals when he knew he would be fired by Triple H

Triple H released a WWE RAW personality
Triple H released a WWE RAW personality

Former RAW commentator Jimmy Smith has revealed that he knew he was getting let go by WWE after a conversation he had with Triple H.

The former MMA fighter joined the red brand's announcement team in May last year after replacing Adnan Virk as the show's play-by-play commentator. He recently confirmed his departure from the company on social media after WWE announced changes to its broadcast teams.

Speaking on his Unlocking the Cage show, Jimmy Smith shared that he had come up with an interesting line to say on Extreme Rules after speaking to Matt Riddle. When he went to The Game to pitch the idea, he was told to pass it over to Michael Cole instead. That's when he knew his time was up.

"Triple H accidentally told me before the show Monday. He screwed up and told me [about the commentary changes]. He didn’t mean to... I go, ‘Hey, I just talked to Riddle and he gave me this line about how he out-wrestled Jon Jones twice’ and Triple H goes, ‘Okay, cool. Give that note to Cole’ and I went, why would I have to give that note to Cole if I’m calling the match on Saturday? Oh. I’m not calling the match on Saturday. Oh, I’m probably fired. In about two seconds, my brain went, that’s so — okay… and I was like, all right. So I knew basically the whole show on Monday night that I wasn’t coming back so when I got the call Tuesday, I was not particularly surprised," said Smith. (H/T POST Wrestling)

Jimmy Smith says he enjoyed his time in WWE

Before becoming the play-by-play announcer for RAW, Jimmy Smith did commentary in the UFC. He's a retired MMA fighter.

He stated that he had a good time working for WWE, and it was an interesting experience for him.

"The number one question I’m getting is, ‘How are you doing? Oh my God, are you okay? Is everything all right? Are you freaking out?’ A few things that I wanna lay out, number one, had a great time doing the WWE. It was a ton of fun, it was once again, working for the circus. It was bizarre, it was weird, I learned a lot in a very unique way in the most stressful environment possible."

The RAW commentary booth will now consist of Kevin Patrick and Corey Graves, beginning with the show's season premiere this Monday. Meanwhile, Michael Cole and Wade Barrett will be the voices of SmackDown.

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