WWE Superstar AJ Styles talked about his real-life issues with Hulk Hogan

AJ Styles with Hulk Hogan
AJ Styles with Hulk Hogan

AJ Styles was recently on his bi-weekly Twitch stream where he talked about different things from the video game and pro-wrestling world. The former WWE Champion talked about his time in IMPACT Wrestling and how he disagreed with several changes that Hulk Hogan brought to the company in that short time.

AJ Styles focused on how the WWE Hall of Famer brought in his own friends to IMPACT Wrestling and changed the ring as well.

AJ Styles reveals his issues with WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan

AJ Styles revealed that when the WWE Hall of Famer came to TNA (now known as IMPACT Wrestling), he wanted to change everything. Hulk Hogan brought in a lot of people, something that AJ Styles did not approve of.

"So I remember when Hogan came to TNA, I heard these rumors that they were going to bring these guys. I go, 'That's stupid. You wouldn't bring in all these guys.' And then I asked him, but that would never happen, and then he said he's going to change the ring too. I said, 'That's how they're defined. TNA was defined by that six-sided ring, that's who they were, that's what made them different.' Sure enough, Hogan brought his buddies in, changed the ring. I was like, 'What?!'"

However, AJ Styles then realized that changing the ring from the famous six-sided ring to the four-sided ring, was actually going to make the bumps hurt less.

"But then also, within that time, I had wrestled Kurt Angle in that six-sided ring, and he gave me that belly to belly off the top and hitting that ring, I was like, 'Aw! I can't take this anymore. It's rough.' And then decided I wasn't going to take it. And then Kurt said, 'Hey, do you mind doing this?' That was when we had a four-sided ring, and I go, 'Yeah'. I couldn't turn Kurt down; he's such an awesome dude. And man, it was night and day pain-wise, so, it became real easy for me to go, 'You know what? Maybe it's good we got rid of that six-sided ring.' Because it seemed a lot easier to bump in a four-sided."

AJ Styles is finding his own way in the world of WWE at the moment and has found some considerable success in the short time he has been there.

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