WWE Superstar allegedly lied about suffering an injury in the ring

WWE seemingly paid the superstar
WWE seemingly paid the superstar's medical bills after they claimed that the injury happened in a match

A superstar allegedly lied to WWE about an injury that they suffered while skiing.

Maven worked for World Wrestling Entertainment from 2001 to 2005. He now runs a YouTube channel where he shares a bunch of interesting tidbits from his time with the company.

In his new video, Maven reacted to the infamous "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" video that blasted Vince McMahon for supposedly not caring for his workers. At one point during the video, Maven revealed that a WWE Superstar (that he didn't name) once got into a skiing accident and lied that they suffered the injury in the ring. The reason behind their lie was the alleged fact that the company didn't cover injuries that superstars suffered outside the ring.

Check out Maven's comment below:

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"I know one superstar who hurt themselves skiing and had to act like it happened in the ring. So had to walk around with an injury. Wait till that person got to a house show and then act like the injury happened in the ring. Because the health insurance we had wouldn't have taken care of them then, while I was there. I had several surgeries and every surgery they always found me the best doctor they took care of it. I never got a bill, never paid for anything. But, I always knew, if I had to get injured, it had to be in the ring. Just something you have to accept." [11:50 - 12:27]

Maven made $800,000 in his four years with WWE

In his previous video on YouTube, Maven shared details on the salary that he received for working for Vince McMahon during 2001-05. As per the veteran, he made a whopping $800,000 during his four-year stint in the company.


Maven did well for himself as a mid-card act during his run. He was involved in a bunch of memorable moments, including the one where he eliminated The Undertaker from the 2002 Royal Rumble match in a massive upset.

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