"I get paid"- Wrestling veteran defends his decision to criticize the direction of WWE under Triple H (Exclusive)

Triple H is the head of WWE
Triple H is the head of WWE's creative department

Vince Russo has been very vocal about his problems with the current state of WWE programming under Triple H. The former Head Writer explained the reason behind it on Sportskeeda Wrestling's Legion of RAW.

Russo, who joins Dr. Chris Featherstone on the weekly review of Monday Night RAW, has stated in the past that Hunter is only catering to the "marks" with the current booking decisions and direction.

Vince added that he doesn't have an agenda against anyone in WWE and is only doing his job as a critic.

"I want people to understand that I don't look at this show [RAW] any differently than any other show I watch on TV. This isn't 'Vince hates Triple H or Vince is bitter because they're not hiring them.' I'm watching a television show and I give a critique of that television show, I just want people to understand that I don't have an agenda with anybody at WWE. I am merely watching a television show and I am critiquing that television, so the bottom line is really, this is what it comes down to. I get paid to watch this show. If I wasn't getting paid to watch this show, it wouldn't be in my routine. I mean, it's really that simple. I would not be watching this if it were not my job." [3:47 - 5:00]

WWE veteran Vince Russo believes Triple H is doing nothing to capture the attention of general wrestling fans

While Triple H's work as the head of WWE's creative department has earned him praise from many, he has his share of detractors. His decision to bring stars like Dexter Lumis and Johhny Garagno into the spotlight did not sit well with many as they are not familiar with the duo's work on NXT.

Vince Russo noted that while Hunter is booking a magnificent show for hardcore wrestling fans, he is not doing anything to bring casual fans back into the fold:

"I am saying that from a casual standpoint. Now is Triple H delivering to the audience he's trying to deliver to? Absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt. The marks will love this show. Long matches, great matches, great moves. So for the audience he is catering to, he is doing a great job. I'm the audience he has to regain and I'm just sitting here saying he's not doing anything to regain a former fan of wrestling like me. I just want to get that out there so people will understand the perspective that I'm coming from." [5:01 - 5:48]

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