"How are you on TV?" - WWE Veteran unimpressed by Iyo Sky's move from this week's RAW match (Exclusive)

The Japanese superstar was in action in a high-stakes match on RAW.
The Japanese superstar was in action in a high-stakes match on RAW.
Lennard Surrao

Vince Russo was not a fan of Iyo Sky's bizarre slap on Tamina from this week's tag team title tournament match on RAW.

The former NXT women's champion and Dakota Kai faced Tamina & Dana Brooke in the first round of the competition, and the members of Bayley's new faction emerged victorious as expected.

While reviewing the latest RAW episode on Sportskeeda Wrestling, Vince Russo highlighted his problems with Iyo Sky's seemingly ineffective slap. The former WWE writer recalled being the unfortunate recipient of a similar strike from Miss Elizabeth several years ago and stated that it was the least threatening form of attack in a wrestling match.

Russo felt the move made Tamina look weak in the process, as he noted during Legion of RAW below:

"Bro, what about that? What is it? Iyo Sky? What about that Iyo Sky slap when Tamina was on the, oh my god! How are you on TV doing that? How are you on TV? Why are you on primetime television? I mean, are you going to hurt somebody by slapping them? Are you really going to hurt them? Miss Elizabeth slapped the cr*p out of me. Did she kill me? No, I'm still here!" said Vince Russo. "My god, it's a slap, and you can't lay a slap in? Right, because it makes her (Tamina) look weak!" [43:15 โ€“ 44:20]

Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai are the favorites to capture the vacant WWE Women's Tag Team Championship

NXT talents have seemingly benefited since Triple H came into power, as Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky were not even involved with the company before their surprise returns at SummerSlam 2022.

Kai was released in April earlier this year, while Io Shirai was reportedly "on her way" out of the company after not renewing her WWE contract. Triple H has brought back two of NXT's most highly-rated performers on the main roster, putting them under the leadership of a seasoned veteran like Bayley.

Bayley's stable is already positioned as a top group on Monday Night RAW, and putting the tag team titles on Sky and Kai could be WWE's way of advancing their push on TV.

However, should Iyo and Dakota win the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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