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WWE News: Xavier Woods makes a joke about his controversial leaked videos at the SXSW Gaming Awards

Riju Dasgupta
33.10K   //    19 Mar 2017, 19:31 IST
Xavier Woods finally breaks the silence, with a veiled joke

What’s the story?

Xavier Woods, a member of one of WWE’s most popular babyface stables, The New Day, was the co-host of the SXSW Gaming Awards with Sonja Reid, better known as OMGitsfirefoxx.

Making his first public appearance since the private video of him (caught in a compromising situation with WWE Superstar Paige) was released, with former WWE superstar Brad Maddox seen filming them, he joked about deleting his Twitter account.

Sonja Reid rubbed his arm consolingly, as Woods stared into the camera with a sheepish expression on his face.

In case you didn't know...

Private images and videos of WWE Superstar Paige were released online by a hacker.

These videos showed her in intimate situations with Xavier Woods as well as Brad Maddox. Ever since this scandal came to light, there have been numerous memes, jokes, comments and tweets about Xavier Woods, which is in direct contrast to the PG-era babyface character that he portrays on-screen.

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While Paige admitted that her private photos and videos had been stolen, Maddox deleted his social media accounts. 

The heart of the matter

Woods and Sonja took turns to deliver their lines. This is how their banter went, with Woods starting: “Sit back…”  “…and relax,” “Kick your feet up,” “Put on your fuzzy slippers,” “Take your socks off,” “Make some ramen,” “Call your mama,” “Tuck in your cats…”.

Woods concluded by saying: “And delete your Twitter’, making a sad face and looking into the camera while Reid consoled the New Day member. They would regain their composure and continue with the rest of the show soon.


The incident occurs at the 53-minute mark in the below video:

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What’s next?

It has been alleged that New Day will be off camera for some time while the whole situation is brought under control.

They haven’t been involved in any active storylines for quite some time now, except promoting their brand of ice cream, so the time off will not disrupt any of the existing WrestleMania 33 plans.

It is unclear as of now whether WWE will take any action against the crowd-favourite New Day member.

Author’s take

It is heartening to see that Xavier Woods has a sense of humour about the scandalous episode. One wonders if WWE would refer to this real life storyline in their active programming, even as a passing remark or mention.

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