"You're not going to be a mega over star" - Veteran on what WWE possibly told Bronson Reed (Exclusive)

Bronson Reed performs on the RAW brand.
Bronson Reed performs on the RAW brand.

Bronson Reed is one of the most promising talents in WWE, who's slowly rising the ranks on RAW with his impressive display of brute power. However, Vince Russo believes the global wrestling juggernaut might have already told the Australian performer that he wasn't going to be a "mega over" performer.

Reed has picked big wins in the last two weeks against Alpha Academy's Chad Gable and Otis, respectively. While it's anyone's guess what lies ahead for him on RAW, fans are hoping he doesn't get lost in the shuffle due to the stacked roster.

On Sportskeeda's Writing with Russo, the former WWE personality spoke about Bronson Reed responding to wrestling veteran Bryan Alvarez praising him on Twitter. Vince Russo explained that Reed might have a feeling of insecurity as WWE might have told him he would never be bigger than the company itself.

"Because your own company is making you feel insecure. You're working for a company that's telling you, 'We ain't making any more stars.' They are telling you that, before you accept that job. Let's go to Ohio State. They recruit a kid, and they literally tell the kid, you're going to be nothing more than the third quarterback. That's what they are telling you in the door. 'You're not going to be a mega over star,'" said Russo.

Vince Russo added that this could have led to Bronson Reed seeking acknowledgment from others, as he rarely receives from those within the company.

"What does that mean? That means they are going to keep you down. And the more they keep you down, the more insecure you're getting. So now, when Bryan Alvarez puts you over, 'Oh we got to acknowledge that somebody put me over.'" [9:42 - 10:35]

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WWE is reportedly planning a feud between Bronson Reed and Braun Strowman

If a recent report is to be believed, WWE is planning a feud between Bronson Reed and Braun Strowman whenever the latter returns to in-ring action.

The Monster Among Men last competed back for the company on the May 1 episode of RAW and, since then, has been recovering from a neck injury.

A prospective clash between Strowman and Reed is sure to get fans excited as the two behemoths could potentially tear the house down whenever they step inside the ring. Moreover, a rising star like Bronson Reed stands to benefit massively from a rivalry with a performer of Braun Strowman's stature.

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