"You not on the team gang" - Fans troll former WWE Superstar for saying Shawn Michaels is 'cooking' after historic WWE show

Fans troll ex-WWE superstar for commenting on Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels is the lead creative for WWE NXT [Image source: wwe.com]

Fans trolled a former WWE Superstar for saying that Shawn Michaels was "cooking" after a historic NXT show on Tuesday that featured a couple of surprises. Matt Hardy was just describing Michaels' epic move of changing his profile picture on X after the show ended.

The Heartbreak Kid changed his profile picture on X after Jordynne Grace's surprise appearance and Ethan Page's debut last night. It was a picture of him wearing a chef's uniform back in 2009 when he "quit" wrestling to become a cook.

Matt Hardy loved the surprise from Shawn Michaels, who he described as "cooking" based on the current generation's lingo which means doing something very impressive.

"HBK appears to be "COOKING" as the kids say," Hardy wrote.

Hardy is currently working as a freelancer after his contract with AEW expired. He most recently appeared on TNA Wrestling as his Broken character. However, some fans decided to troll the former WWE star for commenting on Michaels' new profile picture.

"You not on the team gang," one fan wrote.
"No, stay away," another fan commented.
"Oh sorry we don't want you," a fan remarked.

Matt Hardy is already 49 years old, so he's in the twilight of his career. He might not have any spots in WWE though his mind can be used as a trainer or a producer. Nevertheless, some members of the WWE Universe don't want him back.

"HBK ignore that tweet please," one fan pleaded.
"Who invited you?" a fan asked.
"Give it up old man," another fan commented.

What did Shawn Michaels 'cook' in this week's episode of NXT?

Shawn Michaels is the lead creative for NXT and has been in charge of the show since September 2021 when Triple H left. But what did Michaels "cook" in this week's edition of NXT?

It was revealed on the show that Roxanne Perez would defend her NXT Women's Championship against reigning TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace at NXT Battleground. It was a shocking reveal considering Grace is a champion on a different promotion, which could open more doors for a potential crossover.

After the main event, NXT Champion Trick Williams was blindsided by former AEW star Ethan Page, who revealed that he was responsible for all the recent attacks happening backstage.