"Your uncle is why I wanted to do this" - Top WWE Superstar recalls heartfelt confession by Roman Reigns (Exclusive)

Roman Reigns is the biggest wrestling star today!
Roman Reigns is the biggest wrestling star today!

Natalya recently recalled Roman Reigns telling her that it was none other than her uncle and WWE legend Bret Hart who inspired him to become a wrestler.

It's safe to say that hardly anyone in the history of wrestling has experienced the kind of success The Tribal Chief is enjoying currently. He recently surpassed a jaw-dropping 1000 days as the WWE Universal Champion.

Even now, when The Bloodline is crumbling from within, Reigns looks in no danger of losing his gold anytime soon. His menacing character is a far cry from the babyface character he portrayed for years, which couldn't strike a chord with fans.

Speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling's Bill Apter, Natalya first stated that she acknowledged Roman Reigns. She added that, unlike his bad guy persona on TV, The Bloodline leader has always been "respectful and nice" to her. The 41-year old also recalled when Reigns told her that Bret Hart's work inspired him the most.

Natalya disclosed that The Tribal Chief told her though he grew up in a wrestling family, it was watching Hart that convinced him to become a wrestler.

"I always acknowledge Roman Reigns. It's funny. Roman Reigns actually plays the role of a bad guy on screen, but he's always been so respectful and nice to me. He told me once we were talking about Bret. He said Bret was the reason why he wanted to do this. He said that because Roman and I both grew up in big wrestling families, and he said to me, 'I was always surrounded by wrestling, but your uncle is why I wanted to do this.' So I definitely acknowledge Roman," said Natalya. [2:02 - 2:35]

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Ridge Holland wants to face Roman Reigns in WWE

While Roman Reigns has run amok almost the entire WWE roster, there are still some up-and-coming stars he's yet to collide with. One of them is Ridge Holland, who recently expressed his desire to have a match against The Tribal Chief. The Brawling Brutes member believes he could be a "scary prospect" for Reigns.

"Well, you know, Roman keeps saying that he is a student of his opponent. You look at everyone he has beaten over [sic] this historic reign. He has known them all pretty well, he knows what they can do, and he knows them inside out. And he has Paul Heyman to do his little scouting missions for him, but he doesn’t know Ridge Holland. I think that could be a scary prospect for him," said Ridge Holland.

It remains to be seen if Holland's wish to have a one-on-one match against The Bloodline leader will turn true anytime soon.

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