Nick Aldis to suspend former WWE World Champion again for constantly breaking important rule? Exploring the possibility

Nick Aldis is the SmackDown General Manager
Nick Aldis is the general manager of SmackDown

Nick Aldis has shown that he isn't a general manager who can be taken for granted by WWE Superstars. He has been managing the blue brand with an iron first since he took charge. However, one talent who has constantly shown little regard for the rules is Kevin Owens.

The Prizefighter served suspension when he attacked Grayson Waller and Austin Theory while working with the commentary team on SmackDown. Despite Aldis' strict instruction that he couldn't assault any superstar, Owens couldn't control his anger, leading to his suspension.

The former WWE Universal Champion could suffer the same fate again, as he has used brass knuckles to gain an advantage over his opponents in recent matches.

He first utilized the foreign object against Logan Paul at Royal Rumble 2024 but was disqualified. Owens again used it in his latest bout against Austin Theory and reigned supreme. While KO is a babyface, his constant use of a banned item could lead to Nick Aldis suspending him.

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Kevin Owens wasn't happy when he got suspended last time by Nick Aldis

In November 2023, WWE correspondent Cathy Kelley caught up with KO backstage after he attacked Waller and Theory. Just then, Aldis arrived and suspended Owens.

The Prizefighter apologized to the SmackDown general manager for getting his tie wet. He felt the decision was a bit harsh and tried convincing Aldis to revoke the suspension:

"You saw that? I was hoping he hadn't paid attention. Suspended? Don't you find that it's a little rough, no?" said Owens. [0:51 - 1:03]

Logan Paul has gotten under the skin of Kevin Owens lately, and the latter is adamant about capturing his United States Championship. Meanwhile, Owens has also landed on the wrong side of Nick Aldis once, and his repetitive use of brass knuckles could lead to his suspension.

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