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Nikki Cross talks about the changes in her persona, teaming up with Alexa Bliss (Exclusive)

10 Nov 2019, 02:49 IST

Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss
Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss

WWE Superstar Nikki Cross recently attended a media roundtable event to promote the company's United Kingdom tour. Sportskeeda's own Tom Colohue was a part of the conference and he asked the former WWE Women's Tag Team Champion about her journey in NXT and how her character underwent a change when she stepped into the main roster.

To this, Nikki Cross revealed that she considers the transformation in her persona to be natural and something that happens with every sane human.

For me, when I came in from NXT in January, coming to RAW and SmackDown, for me, I was evolving as a person.
For me, it was a very natural kind of evolution. From like I was in NXT, very easily agitated, very easily excited and the NXT Universe really got to know Nikki Cross in that way and then coming to RAW and SmackDown, I was going through different experiences, and I was reacting differently.

Cross, a former part of the famous Sanity stable in NXT, mentioned herself how her gimmick was in the black-and-gold brand. However, the WWE Universe got to see an entirely different side of her persona when she made her move to the main roster. Nikki Cross stated,

We develop as people and I think, our characters develop, so for me, it was very natural.
You know, there's so much for in me than just one thing, and people are just getting to know the different sides of me and then I think, the championship and partnership with Alexa, the friendship with Alexa has just helped me so much.

When asked whether Alexa Bliss had anything to do with bringing in the changes in her character, Nikki Cross mentioned that "Alexa's helping me with that".

Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss

Although the fans didn't think that their association would work out, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross proved them wrong by winning the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships.


When Tom Colohue asked her about her partnership with The Goddess, Cross revealed how the two of them have been working hard to reach the top of the tag team division.

We came together at the start of the year, at springtime and we worked hard, and I think, we worked with each other really well and our chemistry grew, our in-ring, our tag team moves grew, and our movesets developed with each other and we were able to become the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions. So for me, it was a very natural evolution and I think we are still developing and still exploring.

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