From the NJPW Rumor Mill: Dave Meltzer discusses Kazuchika Okada’s pay in NJPW

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What’s the story?

As seen on Twitter, Dave Meltzer has revealed that Kazuchika Okada’s salary in New Japan Pro Wrestling would make him one of the top five highest earning superstars in WWE. Okada is coming off another world class match against Kenny Omega.

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The salary of WWE superstars in comparison to those on the independent circuit has always been a point of contention, with some of the guys and girls in the company feeling like they don’t earn enough; meanwhile, others believe that the indies are more lucrative. In this instance, it seems as in Okada has no real reason to even entertain the idea of switching allegiances right now.

The heart of the matter

Meltzer has stated that Okada’s current salary would land him within the top five earners in World Wrestling Entertainment. While we aren’t 100% certain on numbers, it seems likely that John Cena, Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton would be three of the four names that’d go alongside Okada in this scenario.

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What’s next?

Many fans are anticipating the third meeting between Okada and Omega, especially given that the sequel to their six-star match was a draw. Okada has been rumoured to head over to WWE/NXT for quite some time now, meanwhile, Omega seemed to be entertaining the idea for a few months following his sensational performance back in January at the Wrestle Kingdom 11.

Author’s take

From our perspective, there isn’t a whole lot that we can say that hasn’t already been said because it’s clear that Okada is a huge superstar over in Japan. Given that he hasn’t even hit 30 yet, there’s still plenty of time for him to jump ship – but for now, we’re quite happy to see him continue to tear it up in NJPW.

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