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NJPW News: Kenny Omega under contract with NJPW for another year

Kenny Omega not headed to WWE after all?

Kenny Omega (C) with Bullet Club members The Young Bucks

What's the story?

A Twitter user asked Voices of Wrestling about Kenny Omega's possible shift to the WWE, to which, Voices of Wrestling replied the following:

In case you didn't know

After a hellacious six-star main event match at Wrestle Kingdom 11, Kenny Omega posted a tweet the very next day saying the following:

The tweet sent the pro-wrestling world into a frenzy, with many fans wondering what Omega's next destination might be. 

The heart of the matter

On the 8th of January, WWE Superstar John Cena posted a picture of Kenny Omega on his Instagram account, raising and creating, even more, doubts and rumours. 


A photo posted by John Cena (@johncena) on

Omega, before joining the Japanese wrestling scene, actually trained at Deep South Wrestling, WWE's developmental territory.

In October 2005, After witnessing his performance in the try-outs, Omega was signed on to a developmental contract. But, a year later, in August, Omega requested an immediate release from his contract.

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After leaving Deep South, Omega stated that his experience there wasn't good, especially with Bill DeMott (Former NXT Head Coach), Jody Hamilton and Bob Holly. 

The WWE, after looking at Omega's meteoric rise in the Japanese scene offered him a contract in 2014, which Omega turned down. In 2015, they offered him a contract on three different occasions, but Omega kept turning them down again. 

One of Omega's reasons for turning down offers from the WWE was him demanding full creative control over his character, which he knew the WWE would never allow him to do. 

What's next?

As of now, no official statement regarding this issue has been released, either by, New Japan or Omega. The last tweet by Omega, read as follows:

Pro Wrestling Journalist Dave Meltzer, during a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, said that every New Japan Superstar’s contract gets renewed after the new year. Fans consider these messages by Omega, nothing but a part of a ruse.

However, there has been no word on Omega signing on with the company for an added tenure. He’s also not being featured on any of the cards for NJPW’s Triplemania event, thus signifying that maybe Omega might legitimately be considering leaving NJPW. 

Sportskeeda’s Take

If Omega does make his way to the WWE, then an entry as a surprise entrant at the Royal Rumble would be amazing to see. However, if he signs up with the WWE, the question is, does he go to the main roster or does he first make his way in NXT?

The video below shows highlights from Omega’s match at Wrestle Kingdom 11 against Kazuchika Okada:

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