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NJPW/TNA News: NJPW Superstar Will Ospreay talks about not signing with TNA

4.44K   //    05 Jul 2016, 19:46 IST

Will Ospreay is a member of CHAOS stable in NJPW

The Best of Super Juniors(2016) of NJPW, Will Ospreay, was recently interviewed by The Wrestling Compadres podcast. points out that Ospreay was asked about his displeasure in signing with TNA when a contract was offered to him.

To this, he answered :

“The way it all went down, which was like, they didn’t do their research. Like, they thought I wasn’t signed. Like, to be fair, I was lying out of my ass. Like, I said to them, ‘I’m signing with New Japan’. I was lying, like, through my teeth. I just did not want to be with TNA because for me, personally, especially with the recent, video that the Hardys released. It’s not me shooting, but I just don’t like it. I think it was so bad.

“I can’t say, like, anything bad about TNA because of the pure fact of, like, I refuse to bury a company. I’m too nice. I didn’t fit. I mean, I was welcomed with open arms. The guys there were fantastic, but I’d just done it for the pure, simple fact that I wanted to wrestle in Wembley Arena.

Like, if everyone wants me to be brutally honest, I’d done it just to wrestle in Wembley.”

Ospreay also commented that he felt there was some problems within the TNA management. He comments : 

I’ve been a fan of TNA from the start, especially with guys like AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe. They have made those guys and they were the backbone, but if they’ve left, there’s a reason why.

In this interview, he clearly stated that he his happy with his deal with NJPW. Although being a part of WWE could be the long term the aim, Ospreay doesn’t want to leave Japan anytime soon.

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