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Opinion: NWO To Invade Crown Jewel During D-Generation X vs Brothers of Destruction?

Could this match be in for a huge shock?!
Could this match be in for a huge shock?!
Gary Cassidy
Modified 20 Oct 2018

With several reports that the DX vs Brothers of Destruction match at Crown Jewel is going to be lengthy and monumental, it really got me thinking - how can WWE make this match any bigger or crazier than the end of Triple H vs Undertaker at Australia was?

Sure, Shawn Michaels returning is huge news and, even if purely for nostalgia, this match is one not to be missed. But can this match really live up to the hype?

Well, maybe not...but maybe.

WWE tweeted out something very interesting earlier today when they actively promoted the return of the nWo. While it isn't in a WWE setting, it's interesting that WWE would go out of their way to promote an independent event run by their alumni, including no current WWE employees.

Or none that we know of.

So, we all know about the controversy surrounding Hulk Hogan and his rumoured return to WWE, but it now looks more probable than possible - and with a tweet directing members of the WWE Universe to buy tickets directly from the Hulkster's website, you'd have to bet that it would be sooner rather than later, with WWE looking to eventually cash in on the return of one of the biggest names ever to grace the squared circle.

There was a really strong hint recently that Hogan may very well be part of Crown Jewel - but what if it isn't the red and yellow clad Hulkster we all expect?

We all know WWE tends to try and cater more towards nostalgia when it comes to shows overseas, and none more so that Saudi Arabia, so could we see a monumental happening on November 2nd?

Well, call me crazy, but I think the way to make DX vs the Brothers of Destruction EVEN to add another faction.

The nWo is coming back!
The nWo is coming back!

Yep, I'm calling it, the nWo is going to invade Crown Jewel during DX vs the Brothers of Destruction, and lay out both teams - potentially setting up a short run for the faction back on WWE television to test the waters for a full-scale Hulk Hogan return.

I mean, nWo and DX do have history...

Now, this may seem unlikely with Hulk's trademark theme being EVERYTHING that could get the crowd to pop, regardless of his past - but maybe pairing him with Nash and Hall may catch everyone off-guard and try to gauge a reaction for what an eventual comeback may be like.

If not, could we just be gearing up for one pretty cool moment at Crown Jewel where we see three of the biggest factions to ever exist in wrestling stand in the ring together at one time?

It may seem unlikely, but I wouldn't bet against it.

Would you like to see the nWo return at Crown Jewel? Let us know in the comments.

Published 20 Oct 2018, 21:31 IST
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