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NXT (12th Oct, 2016): 5 Points to Note

The King of Strong Style and The Samoan Submission Machine in a brawl for the ages

Top 5 / Top 10 13 Oct 2016, 17:50 IST
When Shinsuke Nakamura snaps, the fun and games are over!

NXT Television has been picking up in recent memory with the Dusty Rhodes Classic Tag Team Tournament, and Samoa Joe's annihilation of the entire NXT roster, in his quest for the championship belt.

This week, Full Sail University witnessed another power-packed show with a massive debut, storyline development as well as a huge, royal and truly majestic return from their favourite babyface.

While the show did begin to drag towards the end, the shocking conclusion to the show would knock our socks off!

As always, while Raw battles Smackdown in the rating’s war, NXT is the brand to beat.

#5 The Return of the King 

When the neck brace came off, Strong Style returned to NXT

Shinsuke Nakamura had been injured by Samoa Joe in an attack that sent him packing to the hospital.

In his absence, Joe would run through the NXT roster, crippling them as he threatened consequences if Regal did not return the NXT Championship to him. While he did interfere in the Blake and Murphy match today as well, the lights went off, and we saw the return of NXT to Full Sail.

Shinsuke Nakamura would not be taken lightly, as the fun and games were gone for good this week. Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura brawled all over the arena, ultimately culminating in a ‘Kinshaaasaaaa’ which had Nakamura standing tall at the end of the show.

The passion we saw from both these superstars as they brawled through the arena is unmatched on the main roster, where the talent seems unrealistically sympathetic to one another at times. We hope that there’s less talking and more fists when these two mammoths get called up.

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