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NXT- 5 Points to note (26th Oct 2016)

Blockbuster announcement by Regal, glorious beat down on Dillinger and action from the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

Top 5 / Top 10 27 Oct 2016, 18:09 IST
‘Contact the UN, Regal, because it’s going to be an international incident’

NXT came to us, as always, from Full Sail University. Sure, it was a pretty cool show, but there was only one real headline this week. Of course, we’ll get to that in our recap, but let’s begin by saying that while it was a pretty solid episode. It wasn’t at the same level that we’ve come to expect, over the last few weeks.

There’s always enough during an NXT show to warrant a good rating from us, and we give it a thumbs up yet again. And as we enter the second round of the Dusty Rhodes Memorial Classic tournament, we know that the action is going to pick up next week.

With three weeks to go until NXT Takeover goes to Toronto, here are some memorable points from NXT this week.

#5 She's back after 6 years 

Mickie James will take on the Empress of Tomorrow at Takeover: Toronto

The running storyline for the past few weeks has been that Asuka is far better than everyone in the current NXT Women’s division, and having been undefeated for a year, there’s literally nobody who can take her down.

Sadly, the storyline is a borderline shoot, considering that there is no female wrestler in the company, who’s in the same league as her, in terms of actual in-ring work and charisma. Enter William Regal after Asuka’s squash match against Thea Trinidad (Gee, wonder where she’s from); with an announcement that had us all marking out.

Of course, as news reporters, we were aware that Mickie James would make a comeback, but we marked out nevertheless. James warned Asuka that while she may have defeated everyone who’s ever faced her. Asuka has never faced anyone like Mickie James. An international incident will happen at Takeover!

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