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NXT: 5 points to note (29 November, 2017)

A pit stop episode, before the actual action begins next week.

Was this episode of NXT average or iconic?
Was this episode of NXT average or iconic?

A new season of NXT storylines and feuds should have commenced on this week's show. Instead, the episode simply consisted of three matches from The Aztec Theater in San Antonio, Texas.

This episode was almost like a pit stop between the season of NXT that just concluded at NXT Takeover: WarGames and the season that should hopefully commence from next week on. It showed us an impressive showcase of wrestling, but no plots were really advanced further.

For what it was, we give it due credit. There was enough exciting wrestling action during the show, to keep our attention hooked through the course of the hour-long show.

Here are five points that we noted from this week's NXT episode.

#5 No Full Sail; No Nigel McGuinness

Some essential components of NXT were missing this week
Some essential components of NXT were missing this week

NXT's weekly television programming and Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida have been inseparable, for a long time. However, we hear that the action will not return to Full Sail University for a while now, owing to scheduling conflicts.

Therefore it was a strange departure to see the action coming from The Aztec Theatre in San Antonio, Texas. This is not going to be the permanent venue for NXT, as most of the action for the next round of tapings will take place from the Center Stage in Atlanta, GA.

The ramp was considerably smaller in this show, and the crowd seemed much hotter than usual for the action that ensued at this particular event, even though from the looks of it, the turnout was considerably smaller.

We also have to point out that colour commentator Nigel McGuinness did not call any of the matches on this week's show. His histrionics during the arrival of the Iconic Duo, were greatly missed. Fear not, for he should be back in action again, next week.

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