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NXT: 5 Points to note (January 4th, 2016)

How did the 2-hour NXT special from Melbourne fare? We analyse the event!

Has WWE found its new Daniel Bryan in Dillinger?

What usually happens is that after a disappointing Raw, SmackDown is often a breath of fresh air, and much like a crescendo, NXT is the magnum opus that caps off our week in wrestling.

Unfortunately, this week, on the heels of a brilliant episode of Smackdown, a breathtaking Last Man Standing match on Raw and one of the greatest main events of all time at Wrestle Kingdom 11, this two-hour NXT special from Down Under was a bit of a disappointment.

The matches were good as they always are, but as one would expect there was no storyline advancement. Moreover, we already knew the results much before we saw the matches this week. So let’s head on to Melbourne, and discuss 5 points to note from Down Under.  

#5 ‘Ten’ is the new ‘Yes’

It was great to see Dillinger pick up the victory for once

Does WWE have a gold mine in Tye Dillinger? While he is nowhere in the same league as Daniel Bryan in terms of wrestling ability, Dillinger has a connect with the crowd that few have had since Bryan called it a day.

Moreover, Bryan, despite all his ability became a sensation because of the ‘Yes’ movement. We do believe that ‘Ten' has the ability to be the next ‘Yes’ chant. Already, everyone in the main roster uses it despite Dillinger still being in the developmental brand.

Special marks to Corey Graves during the Dillinger/Murphy match against Samson/Roode for becoming absolutely maniacal with rage when Samson picked up the guitar and started singing. Samson too is hated on a level few heels are, at a time when more babyfaces are booed by fans than heels.

The Aussie fans were loud and raucous and the ‘drift away’ chants were strong through the contest. Murphy too received a great reaction at home for a wrestler whose greatest achievement has been dating Alexa Bliss. Roode, in all his glory, also impressed us all.

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