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NXT Live Event: Las Vegas Live Event results 17th December, 2016

Can Asuka's brilliant performance inspire a main roster call up?

Shinsuke Nakamura vs.  Bobby Roode was the main event for the show

WWE’s developmental territory, NXT hosted its latest live event in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show featured eight well-worked bouts with all the titles on the line. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Bobby Roode for the NXT Championship headlined the show.

Let us find out how the entire event unfolded:

#1 No Way Jose vs. Andrade Cieñ Almas (Singles match)

The match set the tone for the night and was infested with major spots that entertained the Vegas crowd right from the get go. The typical opener featured the trademark dance from No Way Jose. NWJ punched Almas after he caught him mid-air and followed it up with his finisher: Cobra clutch slam, to end the beautifully orchestrated match.

Excellent way to kick-start the live event!

Result: No Way Jose won via pinfall.

#2 Tino Sabatelli & Riddick Moss vs. Patrick Clark & Biff Busick (Tag Team match)

The Prince and The Last Dragon started off the proceedings of the match. A few hot tags later, Biff cleared the house and perfectly played the role of a babyface in peril. Sabbatelli sneaked up on Biff and delivered a chop block.

Moss then joined the two in the ring and held Biff in a reverse spine buster as Sabbetelli struck Biff with a running bulldog to conclude the night for the babyface pair of Patrick Clark & Biff Busick.

Result: Tino Sabatelli & Riddick Moss won via pinfall.

#3  Liv Morgan vs. Aaliya (Singles match)

The ladies of the developmental territory worked hard, although they fell short in their efforts to draw much reaction from the crowd. After 10 minutes of messy offence and reversals, Morgan got the win, in a very forgettable match.

Result: Liv Morgan won with a bulldog.

#4 DIY (C) vs. The Revival (Tag Team match for the NXT Tag Team Championship)

One of the best matches of the night, both the teams got a huge pop from the Vegas crowd. An entertaining encounter, which saw Revival do all the old school cheap heat heel moves, the match settled into a moderate pace and Gargano gets worked over. The crowd erupted with the chants of "DIY" and "Johnny Wrestling/Psycho Killer." 

After a hot tag to Ciampa, he cleared the house down, up till The Revival revived and double-teamed Ciampa. A blind tag to Johnny, saw him engage in a rapid back and forth with the Bulldog.

DIY retained the title after Ciampa got Wilder to tap out from an armbar.

Result: DIY retained via submission

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